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The Journal of Healthcare Contracting will facilitate open and meaningful communication for the healthcare-contracting community.

Publisher's Letter

Distributor Differentiation
Can both parties win without price being the decisive factor? It comes down to a closer relationship between distributor and IDN.

Executive Interview
UPS Corporate Health and Welfare Manager Dale Whitney helps employees make sound healthcare decisions.

Catholic Contracting
Premier subgroup seeks to expand market for environmentally friendly products.

Piecing Together
Capital equipment contracting is most successful when contracting professionals consider all of the pieces.

Claflin Equipment
Equipment Online

Model of the Future: Marshfield Clinic
Is working for a large clinic a contracting professional's dream come true, or the worst nightmare?

HIGPA Makeover
With changes in the works, HIGPA will have a new look in 2006 and beyond.

Alito Noncommittal on Monopolies

View from Washington
What's on the horizon for the Congressional Ship-of-State.

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