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The Journal of Healthcare Contracting will facilitate open and meaningful communication for the healthcare-contracting community.

Publisher's Letter

GPO Differentiation
Today's GPOs are seeking to serve as total finacial resources for their members.

Executive Interview
Mary Grealy, the president of the Healthcare Leadership Council, advocates a broad perspective on healthcare.

A New Culture of Care
Hospital administrators take a closer look at patient safety.

Amerinet's Bud Bowen Retires
After a 36-year career in the healthcare supply chain, Bud Boewn looks forward to the next 36.

New Beginnings
Mark McKenna is retiring from Novation after 18 years, but plans to remain engaged in the industry.

Model of the Future: Neighborhood Watch
Patient safety is best done as a grass roots initiative.

Supply Chain Management
The Year of Transformation.

Guident-Aspen Lawsuit

View from Washington
Medicaid drug pricing calculations up for discussion.

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Contracting News

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