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The Journal of Healthcare Contracting will facilitate open and meaningful communication for the healthcare-contracting community.

Publisher's Letter

Investing in IT
Granted, a few million dollars are coming your way to implement electronic helath records. But it's no windfall. It's an investment... in better care.

To the Point
Accessibility, tech savvy and integrity are just some of the attributes that hospital contracting execs value in their distributors.

Group Think
Purchasing Coalitions provide a means toward effective cost management

On the Front Lines
POC in the ER? As point-of-care technology expands, more hospitals adopt rapid testing programs.

The numbers don't lie: More and more long-term-care facilities and chains are joining group purchasing organizations.

Value Added Up
'GPOs save money,' say hospital survey participants

The Game of Life
From South African safaris to U.S. Navy aircraft carriers, one supply chain director's career and life have taken many turns.

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HIGPA column


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